At this point, you obviously know that I design visually appealing stuff.
Below I've written a short bio to give you an idea of how I got to this point in my career.

My process

from start to finish


The necessary journey to find the right ingredients in order to fulfill your expectations.


I've got it! The right recipe is developed and will make you happy.


Time to preheat the oven. A delicious mixture between your wishes and my experiences will be created.

Final touches

Do you smell it? The work's almost finished, waiting to be seasoned.

Bon appétit!

You wanna taste?

Who I am

Some key data at a glance

My name is Hartwig Salzer. I'm a Linz based graphic designer with a passion for print & web design, typography and Illustration. I love attractive designs, photography, travelling and cooking.

Early I've discovered my fervour for graphic design, therefore I knew soon that I will take this route as a professional. One of my strengths is that I have already gained experience in various sub-areas of the advertising industry. I collected my first impressions in a large printing company, especially in pre-press as well as layouting magazines. I worked in an international operating film agency in the fields of traditional film production, documentary and television advertising. I also got the chance to win experience directly at the film set. Afterwards I worked as a web and graphic designer in an advertising agency with focus on online marketing. Currently I'm completely in my element like a duck to water as a creative designer working for a global leading APM company.

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What I love

I am an avid jogger
Design & photography are my passions
HTML5 & CSS3 enthusiast
I love cooking & asian cuisine
Traveling is my middle name
Hot & strong coffee
I can't live without music

What I´m not

Decaffeinated coffee drinker
Windows lover
Adobe Flash genious
Couch potato
Pure Web Developer
Internet Explorer user


German: Mother tongue
English: Very good, spoken and written
Spanish: Basics

Featured Works

It's not just about how it looks, it's also how it works


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